VFM125 Meld Science Fiction and Acoustic Connections On ‘The Light of Ordinary Things’

VFM125 sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before: a captivating combo of avant-garde artistry and progressive pop. Their debut single ‘The Light of Ordinary Things’ out now, is a fitting introduction to their out-of-this-world sound, and it’s no surprise this experimental project is their best yet.

The single is a hypnotic concoction of aural sensations, with dreamy, distorted guitars hinting at a realm beyond this one and clear acoustic guitars interweaving amongst them. Beneath David Finney’s smooth, ethereal vocals, an ethereal sonic landscape reminiscent of Bowie’s more off-planet ventures envelops listeners in a heightened state. 

The two musicians behind the project – cousins and lifelong friends Martin Vishnick and David Finney – have an eclectic range of influences, which perhaps explains the endlessly intriguing nature of their music. VFM125 have a lot of passion for activism and spirituality. Finney is an animal rights volunteer for the non-profit Humane Being, actively campaigning for the Scrap Factory Farming campaign, which is seeking to make a positive change in the UK. As for Vishnick, he is a devoted Nichiren Buddhist, working towards inner enlightenment, with the dream of bringing about a better world. 

From their extraordinary musical gifts to their altruistic passions, there’s no denying that VFM125 are a visionary force to be reckoned with. ‘The Light of Ordinary Things’ is just the start of this extraordinary duo’s foray into the world of music, and we’re beyond excited to see what’s next from VFM125.

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