Breathe in the Beauty: Celebrating Clean Air Day through Nature-Inspired Art

Thursday 15th June is Clean Air Day, a massive UK campaign raising awareness about air pollution, something we very much support and are constantly very tuned into when appreciating art. These awareness days are so important and by us all acting together and encouraging as much education as possible on these matters we really can make a difference. It is so wonderful to see how much more so many people are doing to help raise awareness for these causes these days already and art is another area that also helps to encourage this respect for nature .

Every day artists like Marie-Therese King are studying nature. Marie-Therese has a very deep interest in butterfly and bee conservation which of course are important initiatives that can make such a difference to our environment, which in turn affects our air pollution. However as most of us know, bees and other pollinators and bee diversity are sadly in decline and there are many factors that threaten these insects, which includes air pollution. Honeybees struggle to recognise and remember where their flower resources were, which of course impacts on their pollination, even to the point where their fine hairs can also attract dust and polluting materials. However it’s not all doom and gloom we can all help in various ways including growing wild flowers, having small areas of wilderness whether in our gardens with Daisies and Dandelions or even planting pollinators, like Lavender, Sunflowers and Dahlias in our window boxes, really every little does help!

King grew up with parents who both embraced nature, with her mother’s passion for horticulture and her father’s passion for wildlife photography. This kind of art we hope does encourage that respect and love for nature, that these works really do inspire more love and passion for the wonder of nature and what it gives to us. King wants her work to have a positive impact on people all over the world, to make people feel happy, uplifted and at peace when they look at her work and to maybe even want to venture outside just a little more and celebrate the wonder of nature all around us all.

So please do enjoy these works, which this artist has used for cards and home accessories as well as art works and if you would like to buy a piece to help your nature inspiration every day please do head over to her shop with some recent Bee & Butterfly works which we hope you love.

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