An Epic Collection of Classic Rock with John Fishell’s We’ve Got a Live One

John Fishells’ new full-length studio album, We’ve Got a Live One, marks his return to the music scene, and it’s an energetic, electric rock rollercoaster that is sure to rally up a sizeable fan base. 

Drawing from a vast repertoire of influences from Foo Fighters to Led Zeppelin to the Beatles, Fishell has created an album perfect for anyone looking to add a little rock and roll to their playlist. 

The album was originally recorded as a live broadcast at the Wreckingroom Studio in Lyons, Colorado, and is now available to stream on most platforms worldwide. Fishell uses some thoughtful yet compact song construction, as well as synchronised backing tracks from his own studio recordings to give We Got A Live One a huge, larger-than-life vibe. From the driving force of tracks like Here’s Looking at You to the emotional and epic ballad Pushing and Pulling, the album has something for everyone. 

Fishell also takes us all on a detour with a dance/electronic version of AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells and a stadium shout-worthy rendition of God Save The Queen. With Fishell at the helm, We Got a Live One is an electrifying rock album that is sure to impress. So make sure to add this to your playlist, click the follow button, and join Fishell on his musical journey!

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