NEW RELEASE: Last Chance, with their Rocking Debut Album, ‘Last Chance’

Looking for some hard-rocking music to sink your teeth into? We’ve got just the band for you. Last Chance are a punk-inspired band that write nothing but raw, unfiltered hits that are sure to make you want to turn the volume up to 11. With a plethora of talent on display, each band member shines through with something for any music fan to love. With lyrics, hard-hitting drums and guitar solos in abundance, this 10-track album is one that you cannot possibly ignore!

The album starts off with ‘Light The Fire’, a brilliant opening track that gets the blood pumping with its guitar riffs and drums that open up perfectly for the vocals of Frankie Rage. Kicking the doors off for their first track, it’s the perfect introduction to Last Chance, giving you the first taste of what this album is going to be all about. Instantly appealing, it’s a track where every element adds to the other so well, creating a fantastic hard-rocking sound that gets you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the album.

Moving onto other tracks on the album such as ‘Breaking’, it’s yet another song where Rage’s vocals and Cannata’s drums really take centre stage. The hard-hitting drums provide the perfect backdrop for a brilliant vocal and guitar performance. Yet another great track, it’s the first glimpse at the songwriting prowess of the band, as Rage sings on a subject matter that is so different from the first track, however, the music keeps the same standard of quality, showing signs that the musical appeal on this album will be apparent throughout.

A similar theme to ‘Broken’, the next track ‘Tattoo’ talks about a failing relationship, but rather than from the perspective of not wanting it to end, ‘Tattoo’ is about the resentment after a relationship. With a mood change and more aggressive lyrical content, it’s perfectly matched by the band and vocals yet again. A versatile approach with a brash performance, it’s yet another well-written track that uses to the immense talent of the band to underline a powerful, emotive vocal performance from Rage. Other tracks such as ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Man, ‘Tough Titty’ and ‘Kamikaze’ showcase the same brilliant vocals and songwriting, but also the fantastic work from each band member. Baron on guitars has outdone himself in every song, with each solo being a fantastic addition to every track, Cannata on drums whose hard rock style drumming brilliantly adds a raw contrast to Rage’s vocals.

An overall great album, it’s a demonstration in songwriting, vocals and musical ability that all match up perfectly. The delivery and subject matter of each track dovetail brilliantly, with each note and word on the album making more than perfect sense. If you love rock music, this will be the album for you!

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