Get Into the Festive Spirit with ‘Christmas with You’ by Maria Meyers and Dave McCabe

Kickstart your festive feeling this year with this latest song from Maria Meyers and Dave McCabe! Fresh off the back of their first project, a charity single called ‘Not Alone’, with the aim of fundraising £5555 for Ukrainian charity, Way Home, the pair are now bringing in this festive season with their latest song, ‘Christmas with You’. With a release date of December 2nd, and a so far so good musical collaboration, you need to let this be the latest addition to the playlist of Christmas classics!

Starting off wonderfully, a twinkling piano introduces McCabe as he lists off his festive highlights, before Meyers comes in with brilliant vocals to get the song moving. Immense lyrics that speak to the togetherness of the season, capped off with a duetted chorus where the two prove that they balance each other perfectly. Fitting right at home with all the themes of Christmas and being with those precious people during that special time, it’s a lovely song that takes inspiration from classics such as Wham and The Pogues and the rhythms of Motown.

An overall lovely song that will appeal to anyone who is set on not being a Scrooge this Christmas, it has the feel of a Christmas classic that gives listeners an idea of the ideal way to spend it. A strong creative bond between Maria Meyers and Dave McCabe is evident throughout, as they manage to make a message that we can all get behind through music that is fresh with a unique approach, just as they did for their charity single, ‘Not Alone’. Coming on December 2nd, make sure you add this to this list of classics you’ll be playing this month to get you into the festive spirit!

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