Teddy Serkin releases new single ‘Trying To Live’

Hey readers of Sonic. I’m here to brighten up your Monday afternoon with some brilliant new music coming your way. Who doesn’t like a bit of blues-rock? And Teddy Serkin is here with his incredible new single ‘Trying To Live’ And what makes Teddy stand out as an artist that you need to have on your radar is how ‘Trying To Live’ immediately sets that blues-rock vibe. 

Teddy’s vocals are the main focus of the song with a sprinkling of blues influences here and there, in the piano and percussion. When singing, Teddy’s voice is emotive and cleverly mixed to create a unique listening experience. One that which I could have on repeat all day! 

Another thing that immediately stood out to me is how ‘Trying To Live’ is a self-reflective tune that maintains a technically impressive nature whilst still sticking to Teddy’s singer-songwriter roots which showcases Teddy’s excellent songwriting and his ever-present ability to create a certain tone and mood. 

Needless to say, this release is definitely well-received and only creates further excitement for Teddy’s future endeavours in the music industry. Be sure to check out ‘Trying To Live’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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