REVIEW: Lady Silver – ‘News of the World’

Although being relatively new to the music scene, Lady Silver are certainly making their voice heard on the thriving British indie landscape and their momentum is only growing with their latest release ‘News of the World’. 

Citing influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, and Mother’s Cake, the bands new single is an amalgamation of styles including laid back pop, and slightly heavier indie rock. 

On first impression this is a solid single; well produced and thought out, it is clear a lot of thought has been put into the arrangement of the track. With all members of the band putting in their creative input, and also avoids repetitiveness.

The track is an indie-rock hybrid which would sound very at home in the early 00’s, It quickly bursts into the powerful verse before launching into the catchy, sing-along chorus. 

‘News of the World’ is from Lady Silvers upcoming album ‘Circus Pop’ speaking of the new album the band stated: “It’s a play on words and a joke. Like a new musical genre and also a fizzy drink you drink at a circus or a festival.”

Be sure to check out ‘News Of The World’ and show Lady Silver some love! 

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