REVIEW: Mr.Slade – ‘Call Me’

Just the other day I was having a chat about the best Blondie songs and, personally, I have to put ‘Call Me’ at number one (sorry ‘Sunday Girl’). 

Someone who agrees with this choice is Mr.Slade as he’s recently dropped his innovative and unique cover of ‘Call Me’. 

The cover of ‘Call Me’ uses electronic instrumental and harsh sounding vocals giving the iconic track a whole new feel. 

“I chose Call Me as a cover song” continues Mr.Slade, “not only am I a huge Blondie fan, but I thought a song about male sex workers could have a slightly more grittier, rougher feel to it. Exploring and clashing with sounds that were either feminine and/or masculine together.”

What I think makes this cover stand out above the rest is that Mr.Slade completely re-imagines the track, while still keeping true to the roots of the song. Mr.Slade puts his own mark on the cover while still letting it be a Blondie song. 

Mr.Slade’s cover of ‘Call Me’ is out now! be sure to check it out and in the meantime show Mr.Slade some love! 

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