Elliot Lee – ‘54321’

Hey readers of Sonic the great music of June isn’t quite finished yet and we’ve still got some musician goodness coming your way from Elliot Lee’s latest single/video ‘54321’. 

On the track Elliot confides, “Sometimes when you catch someone lying it’s easier to just sit back and watch them lie than to confront them about it. But when their lies keep piling up, it can get to the point where there’s no way to distinguish what’s true anymore. Your realities become separate, with one of you living in the real world and the other living in a fake world spun out of lies. There’s no reconciling once it gets to that point.” 

Elliot Lee is about being boundaryless. Elliot Lee is an ally of the LGBTQIA+, openly Trans and an advocate for Autism Awareness. The artist has racked up millions of plays on Spotify and their music has been added to such high profile playlists as New Music Friday, Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop among many others.  

Be sure to check out ‘54321’ out everywhere now! 

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