‘Paper Over The Cracks’ – Sip of Milk

June has been a real great month for new music and it just keeps coming today from  Welsh Duo Sip Of Milk and their  Debut Single ‘Paper Over The Cracks’. 

Harbouring a sound that feels both classic and contemporary, Welsh duo Sip of Milk spent their youth raiding their dad’s record collections, laying the early foundations for their own idiosyncratic brand of tadrock (tad being Welsh for dad).

After first meeting as teenagers in local bands, the pair soon began writing material that took cues from the jazz, synthpop and post-punk they were playing and added their forte – the kind of soaring melodies and soul-influenced grooves that have arguably been missing from rock music for a long time. In combining these influences, Sip of Milk have forged a unique brand of rock for the 2020s. 

The result is a technicolour blend of rock and pop that falls somewhere in between Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals and US troubadour Adam Green. The first taste of which comes in the form of forthcoming single ‘Paper Over the Cracks’; the first track of a forthcoming debut EP. 

Produced by Tom Rees of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, the band’s debut offering is four minutes of lightly psychedelic button-bright pop that’s equally as playful as it is hard-hitting. “We wanted to get all our little worries and anxieties out in the lyrics and focus on a really simple and positive message – take life each day at a time and a lot of things become a lot more manageable,” the band explain. “We set out to make some rock to dance to which is very much its own sound, and we’re very pleased with that.”

‘Paper Over The Cracks’ is out July 1st be sure to check it out.

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