Jeremy Engel embodies the rock n roll spirit on new single ‘Tell You Ma’

Readers of Sonic, I have been playing this song so loud that even my neighbours said they liked it and they’re usually the ones telling me to turn it down. 

This epic new track is coming from the musical mastermind that is Jeremy Engel and his new single ‘Tell You Ma’ , now what makes this song so brilliant I hear you ask? Well apart from Jeremy’s natural charm and charisma his technique is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. 

Jeremy isn’t your average rockstar, even though his voice might say otherwise. By day he is a UN conference interpreter, (I wouldn’t have guessed that either) which means that Jeremy has travelled far and wide all over the world, however, Jeremy has stated that his heart has always belonged to Ireland and this song is almost a love letter to the great country. 

Recorded at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, the new single evokes an honest and sensitive tone with a rock n roll landscape. Jeremy really has a lot of heart and passion that he puts into this single, his love for his craft and for the country he adores so much make for an incredible listening experience as we are invited into the wonderful world of Jeremy Engel. 

I can’t wait to see what Jeremy does next but for now I’ll be playing ‘Tell You Ma’ on repeat. I hope you’ll join me. ‘Tell You Ma’ is out on all streaming platforms and linked below! 

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