Keeper – ‘FML’

Hey fans of Sonic I have some great new music to kickstart your week. Coming from post hardcore band Keeper with their new single ‘FML’

“‘FML’ is just an aggro song” explains Keeper, “It’s about standing up and biting back. I’m not the best at doing that myself. So in a way, it’s telling myself to do it more. That I need to look after myself better and stick to my guns.”

With his background as the guitarist in London post-hardcore band Jack The Envious, it’s easy to understand just exactly where Keeper’s roots lie. Far from being one to rest on his laurels however, Keeper takes those foundations and builds on them, infusing the sheer weight of the genre with pop and emo rap elements to create something truly unique. 

‘FML’ is out on all streaming services now!

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