Sonic News fans do I have news for you! If you’re devout followers of the likes of Bellybuttons, Velvet Morning, Rocket Ship TV and Mr Yolk like I am (and if you’re not, why?) then you need to keep your ear to the ground for the upcoming single, Stupid, from dream-poppers First Day Of Spring!

Originally hailing from the Thames estuary coastal town of Southend-on-sea and now residing in London, First Day Of Spring is a 5-piece outfit led by Samuel Jones’ songwriting. Previously in bands such as The Bellybuttons, Velvet Morning, Rocket Ship TV and Mr Yolk, the band has always been involved in different musical projects. Now ready to take on their own musical journey as a group, they’re set to release their debut single ‘Stupid’ across all streaming platforms on the 17th of June. 

Take it from me, First Day Of Spring’s music has various themes, from storytelling and autobiographical descriptions of a creative trying, in their twenties, to a focus on sound, euphoric and exuberant, or through gentle melancholic stillness. The aim of their emotive songwriting is to take the listener to another world and out of their own reality and by god do they achieve!

Their influences range from such luminaries as Sparklehorse, Spiritualised, Modest Mouse, Silver Jews, Sonic Youth, The Clean, Cleaners From Venus, Cocteau Twins and many more.

Speaking on the track, frontman Samuel commented: “Stupid is a track attempting to tackle adult topics head-on through music. It is the story from the perspective of a friend watching another friend’s life slowly deteriorate in front of their eyes and in turn, all the challenges and different methodologies are undergone towards trying to understand a once shining and alive human being’s existence. It is all about friendship. All hidden within the confines of a fairly contrasting 4-minute long indie dream-pop aesthetic.”

First Day Of Spring plays Leigh Folk Festival on Saturday 25th of June, their debut gig so make sure to grab those tickets before they dissapear!.

What are you waiting for? Connect with the band below:

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