Michael Boguski’s charity album ‘A Newer Morning (For John)’ is a nostalgic remake of classic Suede songs

In 2019, long-time Suede stage tech John Brandham suffered a tragic stroke. Upon hearing this news Michael Boguski (Blue Rodeo) made it his mission to raise money for John Brandham’s recovery and Stroke Association UK and within this vision came A Newer Morning (For John). 

This inspirational and heartfelt charity album re-imagines seven classic Suede songs. With a unique and jazz inspired album, really giving each piece a new lease of life. A Newer Morning (For John) creates a nostalgic sound with a fresh twist.

Michael Boguski is no stranger to using his talents as a musician to help out charitable causes. In 2018, he formed the Cold Manitoba Project to benefit the Native Addictions Council of Manitoba. He has also given his support to Toronto’s Regent Park School of Music. 

Michael Boguski has managed to create a nostalgic feeling album without falling into the pitfall that many others do. The music may well be vintage, yet the instrumentation is undoubtedly new, fresh and modern and has managed to produce a coherent and listenable album.

Be sure to check it out on 08/07/2022 and show Michael Boguski’s music some love, linked below!

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