Supreme Unbeing – The Masked Metallers On Music, Influences and Universal Consciousness

Metal music, costumes and anonymity have a long and fruitful history together, going all the way back to 70s rockers, KISS. Supreme Unbeing mark another notable entry, with Metal Planet Music’s Paul Monkhouse giving their recent single, “Face of Evil,” a big thumbs up. The mysterious, masked five-piece are known only by cryptic aliases: D.Sciple, D. Vine, Al Mytee and Unknown. The band are led, by ‘vocalist/prophet’ Zac Red, who, in the band’s own words, “acts as the physical form of our collective consciousness, the ambient quantum entanglement of our most personal thoughts.” The group have recently made the leap from animated characters to flesh and blood, so now seemed like the perfect time to talk to them.

Sonic News: Can you tell me about the genesis of the band?

Supreme Unbeing: The band was formed by the Universe itself, out of necessity, to change the direction of the current path that our societies are walking to a more favourable one, where heavy riffs, astounding solos and philosophically intriguing lyrics are accessible to everyone.

Sonic News: Who would you describe as your key influences?

Supreme Unbeing: As the Universe itself holds all, we have been able to thoroughly study and find influence from all that has been available, but to mention some more recent acts of great influence; Metallica, Megadeth, Slipknot, Ghost, A7X, Five Finger Death Punch and Trivium.

Sonic News: Why did you choose to remain anonymous?

Supreme Unbeing: This is not a choice, it is a consequence of our attempt to endure in these physical vessels, the vessels being of less importance than the messages of Supreme Unbeing.

Sonic News: Is there a guiding philosophy behind the band? What would Supreme Being like to add to the world?!

Supreme Unbeing: Supreme Unbeing is on a Quest to enlighten the people of the Earth. To challenge and, sometimes, provoke the individual to reflect inwards, to learn more about themselves and our society, in order to form a thought that will translate to a positive outward action.

Sonic News: Could you tell me a little about your songwriting/recording process?

Supreme Unbeing: The process is very natural, as Zac Red is channelling the messages of the Universe, the quantum entanglement of our collective consciousness, to find the lyrics and the melodies orchestrated oh so gracefully by Supreme Unbeing.

Sonic News: Hypothetical question #1: Supreme Unbeing have the opportunity to soundtrack the film of their choice – what genre would it be and are their any particular director’s/actors you’d like onboard? If you can think of a plot, that would be great!

Supreme Unbeing: The messages of Supreme Unbeing are many and are thus suited to any plot concerning deceit (“The Liar”), sins (“The Sinner”), existentialism (“Animals”), or philosophical quandaries “(You’ll Never Make It”), personal societal beliefs “(Face Of Evil”). Every song is a message which could be translated as a plot on the silver screen.

Sonic News: Will you be playing live gigs?

Supreme Unbeing: As we are here to endure physicality, playing live shows is very much a natural part of the process.

Sonic News: Can you foresee a time when you might remove the masks?

Supreme Unbeing: First, one must truly understand the concept of time. Then, one can start the deconstruction of infinity.

Sonic News: Hypothetical question #2: Each member of the band get to choose one album to take to a desert island (with, presumably, some means of playing it). What are your choices (and why)?

Zac Red:Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I & II. That’s all the music you really need to keep yourself mentally stable on a desert island. After all, it’s a double album and will count as one. When you’re on a desert island, creativity is a must.

D.Vine: Slipknot – Iowa. An epic masterpiece, with many of my all-time favourite songs, that keeps reminding me of the moment I got addicted to metal.

Al Mytee: Soilwork – The living Infinite. Great diversity of songs, incredibly dynamic album and a fantastic display of musicianship.

Unknown: AC/DC – Back In Black. The rhythm, the drive, the seat, the rock n roll. It’s just so captivating and amazing.

D.Sciple: Opeth – Blackwater park. A whole new dimension to melancholic metal, converting the essence and beauty of desolate nature into a tangible soundscape.

Sonic News: Thank you guys!

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