Sonic Singles: Sunday Sanctuary – Kiey

You would never suspect that something that can be described as ‘eclectic’, ‘extravagant and ‘uplifting’ to come from a real estate executive right? It might not be the typical catalyst for musical innovation but Vietnamese electro-pop icon Kiey reinforces why books should not be judged by their covers – latest single ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ is a meditated and provoking piece of electro-pop.

The primary draw to Sunday Sanctuary, and the majority of Kiey’s work, is both its demand to be replayed and the sheer depth of the soundscapes that it conjures. The focus simply isn’t on the song’s lyricism, as vulnerable and intimate as they are, but on the atmosphere that surrounds and penetrates them. Overall, it’s a far lighter affair than the exec’s 2019 debut ‘Night To Myself’ but, as legions of electronic beats crash beneath swelling and glistening strings, it’s by no means less moving.

All the aforementioned elements come to a satisfying climax in the event of the track’s explosive chorus. It’s the perfect level of repetition that clearly respect the boundaries between catchy and endearing to downright frustrating – denying this hook entry to your long-term memory is simply futile. This is aided nicely by a convincing and professional performance from our leading man. Kiey could be forgiven for sounding jilted or a little timid on the back of such a drastic swap in industries but Kiey comes across as a pedigree popstar with a performance as natural as an artist decades beyond his own experience.

As the title track to the EP from which it originates, ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ is yet another ace in the hole for this rising pop icon as he exponentially grows on his way to a second full-length release. If this track is anything to go by, that’s something to be excited about.

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