Chart-topping Ghost-Hunter Jack Rose On The Twin Passions In His Life

He’s graced the cover of Music Week and hosts his own ghost-hunting show on Amazon. Both are impressive feats in their own right, but composer/producer Jack Rose has a foot firmly in each camp, and now he’s back with new single, “Overdrive.” Rose says that the idea for the song came to him via a message from ‘beyond,’ which puts him in the very small category of spirit-inspired musicians! Sonic News had the pleasure of talking to Jack about both sides of his work.

SN: Can you tell me a bit about your background – where you grew up and when you first got into music? Were your family musical?

JR: My dad was a DJ in the 90s Both my sisters can sing and my aunt and uncle can too. I used to sing a lot of high school musical karaoke with my sisters and doing that sparked my love for music!

SN: How did the decision to release music commercially come about?

JR: I was having a conversation with my mum and dad about my music and we decided to put out a track when I was 13 years old. It felt like the best thing ever. I didn’t expect to still be doing that to this day!

SN: Can you tell me about your writing/recording process? Where do you work and what equipment do you use?

JR: To be honest, when I write I could be anywhere; the pub, out clubbing, in bed, playing Xbox, out with my friends. If I get an idea, I like to do it on the spot! I have my laptop with me when I travel, so I hop on my laptop and make beats and write quite a lot!

SN: Who are some of your musical influences?

JR: I grew up listening to a lot of Eminem and Ed Sheeran, The first album I ever brought was + by Ed Sheeran. I also listened to a lot of Bruno Mars.

SN: How did the ghost-thing begin? Have you always been interested in the supernatural?

JR: I grew up with a spiritual family, My Mum and Dad had been ghost-hunting way before I was born. I used to come home from school, age seven, and watch Most Haunted

SN: What is your personal theory on ghosts – what do you think happens after we die? Does everyone become a ghost?

JR: I’m not going to push my opinions on what happens when we die, because none of us truly know.

SN: Ghost-hunting or music – which do you enjoy more?

JR: They are two very different passions of mine and I can’t say which one I like more because they’re so different in many ways. I love both of them and they’re both very interesting avenues!

You can check out “Overdrive” here.

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