UK music industry jobs fell by 35% in 2020

Image Credit: Yvette de Wit

Over a third of jobs in the British music industry have been lost across the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an annual report from UK Music.

The report states that 69,000 UK Music industry workers lost their jobs as the music sector came to a standstill with tours and festivals being cancelled and numerous venues facing the risk of permanent closure; costing the industry billions.

The usual contributions to the UK economy, such as concert tickets, merchandise and physical/digital music sales also dropped from £5.8bn in 2019 to just £3.1bn in 2020.

The report by UK Music, named ‘This Is Music 2021’, published Tuesday 19 October, stated: “The music creators and live music sectors experienced the greatest decline – the majority of those working in the industry are self-employed, and they have been hit especially hard by Covid-19.”

With the industry’s workforce dropping from 197,000 to 128,000 in 2020, UK Music reports that “many were not eligible” for the UK government’s furlough scheme.

“”Many are still committed to a career in music, but necessity has meant finding alternative sources of income,” the report continued.

The full report by UK Music can be read here.

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