The Fabulous Red Diesel Just Released Latest Song “Mama Josie Said”

Emerging funky jazz-soul group, The Fabulous Red Diesel, recently released their latest song, “Mama Josie Said,” which is currently available on music streaming platforms right now. The band consists of a synths, trumpets, double bass, drums, guitar, flutes, and tubas, which is only scratching the surface in terms of instrumentation for this band. The stage names of the members of this band are Ms. Kitty, Duke Boom, Miss Bea-Have, and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious. Everything about this band screams performance and entertainment and that is exactly what The Fabulous Red Diesel intends on doing.

Given their wide range of instrumentations, it is unsurprising to find that the group also has a wide range of genres that they can cover. “Mama Jose Said” sticks to their most prominent genre of funky jazz-soul but does not disappoint whatsoever. The song opens with a synth piano sound, drums, and guitar that sets the stage for the jazzy smooth vocals of Ms. Kitty to enter. As the intensity of Ms. Kitty’s vocals increases, so does the backing vocals to provide a romantic, sexy, and haunting sound that culminates in the title of the song being said by Ms. Kitty alone. The song then concludes with a virtuosic flute solo over the synth piano sounds, guitar, and drums that introduced the song.

“’Raising the vibration, following the dream in my head’’’ The theory is that when you raise your
own vibration, it affects everyone around you, they want to raise theirs, by doing what they love and finding peace.” – Ms. Kitty

The Fabulous Red Diesel insist that music and art should be available to everyone, regardless of income. Therefore, it makes sense that the group would graciously perform their live show entitled Sparkly Bird at Pop Up Theatres. This would not be a show to miss.

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Words by Brendon Gardner

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