Naughty but Nice! Fabulous Red Diesel Reveal All

Jazz FM favourites, Fabulous Red Diesel, have released their new single, a track which is as bawdy as it is ferociously catchy. Telling the tale of the, by all accounts,e equally sensational great grandmother of lead Fab, Kat Lee Ryan, Nellie Gale was one of the first all-nude dancers in London, performing at the Great Windmill Theatre. Back in the early 20th Century, the venue became notorious for its racy performances, where girls would dance naked, obscuring their nudity with large feathers and other objects. At the end of the dance, they would stand stock-still, just like statues, thereby circumventing the law which forbade strip-tease and nude dancing but was powerless to stop ‘tableaux vivants’. Hats off (and the rest). Taken from their brilliant album, The Queensbury House Sessions, we really can’t recommend this highly enough




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