Saintly Hip Hop Release Shows UK Scene Doesn’t Have to be Negative

Hip-hop, whether it’s American, British or Mongolian, retains an image of counter-authority and anger. Quite rightly, as music ‘of the people’, it’s right that it conveys the way everyday people speak, their concerns and their feelings – it’s always been very warts and all and remains popular for it’s honesty as much as anything. However, it does becoming quite overwhelming and, before too long, just a bit…well, samey. There’s only so much swearing, insults and accusations you can listen to before it all just becomes boring moaning. Musical Killah Records have taken a different approach and it’s a refreshing change.

Developing an ethos called Revolutionary Rhythm, it still allows artists to express themselves but does so in what you might say is a more family-friendly way. Their new release is by Saint, a a Midlands-based artist who also co-runs the label. Alongside his producer, PsyRo, there’s no holding back on the lyrical content but equally, it feels far more accessible than some offerings. Rather than the doom and gloom of a lot of UK hip-hop, the overriding tone is that there is actually hope and a way of improving things if everyone works together. It’s both a positive message and musically really strong. Well worth checking out.










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