There’s Only One Franki Pineapple

Obviously, football fans aren’t actually singing that from the terraces at the moment as crowds are banned at games but if they were, we’re pretty sure they would be. Possibly. Franki Pineapple (not her real name, alas) is based exactly where you’d expect anyone with that name – Hollywood. With a background as a writer, she was gently nudged into the world of music by JD Souther, longtime associate of The Eagles, James Taylor of many other luminaries, whom Franki was transcribing the journals of. You’d be right in thinking that already this isn’t necessarily the kind of things which happens in Cleethorpes.

From here the story takes an extraordinary number of bizarre leaps, any single one of which would be unlikely to happen in a musician’s career, let alone all of them. She had already decided upon her artist name after a comment by her boyfriend/producer Nataraj Tribino (PM Dawn, Nile Rodgers) but that’s when a fun name becomes anything but. The might of Apple Inc came crashing down upon her, a remarkable and ridiculous action from a company which stood to gain nothing from such behaviour. On this occasion, they’d picked on the wrong person – Franki fought the action, costing a dizzying amount but eventually won. Such is the cost of artistic freedom.

Now armed with a logo courtesy of John Pasche, the man who brought the Rolling Stone’s lips to the world, all that was missing were the songs. Having long being soaked in the sounds of Laurel Canyon and New York artists, the fire of rock n roll burned inside her ever more brightly after the litigation and her producer’s skills with electronics ensured that her sound was always going to be distinctive. Her frustration bubbled over magnificently with her first single, Fuck It Man, at first absurd but on subsequent listens huge fun and exactly what the doctor ordered. Her latest single is Evil Love, a track close to her heart which has the vibes of Patti Smith singing Don’t Fear the Reaper.

It gives us great hope in the future of music that there are artists like Franki out there, kicking against the pricks wherever the are. This is exactly how things should be.

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