By Jovian! Creepy Nightmare R&B by Artist Who Defies Sense

Based in Brooklyn, experimental urban artist Jovian enters the musical world from a very different perspective than most. Already driven to artistic means to express himself, having suffered with body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression, his perception of the world around him is amplified yet further by his synesthesia, allowing him to feel, taste and hear colours. It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that his music has an otherworldly feel, slotted in-between genre and style and employing sound as texture, even going as far as to radically change the tone and mannerisms of his voice within tracks.

Following on from the high praise of the track (and video) to the song Better, his forthcoming single, Where’d You Go is even more arresting, a slowly-gliding almost ghostly journey through Jovianland which feels more like a physical experience than a traditional song.

“Where’d U Go” is all about me acknowledging my inner anxieties & the realization that I have a lot more inner work to do. We all have this “loop” we deal with, whether it’s love life, work, or just life in general. I wanted to share that becoming aware & addressing these things is the first step to being “free”. I wanted to share that you’re not alone if you feel these sensations”

Well worth looking out for.






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