The Drugs Still Work! Lailien Returns

Last seen blasting off over the horizon with his gargantuan debut album, the sprawling quadruple gatefold Ensoular, Toronto-based electro-indie genius Lailien returns with a new album…”Ta-Da”!

Ta-Da! might only be eleven tracks, versus the twenty-odd of this debut but if anything, there’s even more crammed in:

  • More drugs! Happy ones…we think!
  • More electronic chicanery!
  • More seismic shifts mid-track!
  • More reinventions and interpretations of sacred writings!
  • More hoopla!

Yes, if there were any rulebooks involved in the creation of this album, they have long since been tossed aside. There are still recognisable nods to the likes of Owl City and early Flaming Lips but this is more firmly straight-ahead Lailien – complex ideologies, social analysis, Herculean overviews of psychology within the space of three minutes…it’s vast and sometimes overwhelming but benefits of revisits once you get the taste of it.

At a time when music looks to apologise for itself at every turn, Ta-Da! is having none of it – forthright; unconventional and challenging, it’s a weighty tome of an album but one which has seemingly endless pages of material.

1. Mr. Gorgeous

2. In the Name of The Father

3. Michael Jordan Peterson

4. The Darkness Prince

5. Money

6. Nubs

7. The Light Palace

8. Fly with You

9. Shibboleth (Shekhinah)

10. The Wedding

11. Ta-Da








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