Cellist Extraordinaire, Jo Quail, Assembles Mind-Boggling Sample Smorgasbord

The worldwide lock-down has seen creative explosions globally, from digging out that long-lost single you started in 1991 to fully-fledged Zoom-enabled gigs from your kitchen. Few, if any, are comparable to the mammoth task undertaken by Jo Quail, the British multi-genre cellist. From tiny seeds do mighty oaks grow and in this case it was more of a giant redwood – no fewer than 124 individual contributors, living in 24 countries across five continents donated 167 samples, all of which have been transformed in The Parados Cairn, a remarkable 9 minutes which distill the COVID-19 crisis into a musical work which encapuslates the resiliance seen by millions worldwide.

Every single sample was worked into the piece which you can experience below. Do the honourable thing and make a financial donation when you download from https://joquail.bandcamp.com/ – your money will go to ‘Save Our Venues’ – an organisation set up in the present time to assist the small and grass roots venues, many of which are fighting to survive. https://saveourvenues.co.uk


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