Experimental Big Beat Artist, Kabbalien, to Release New Album, DaDa

Five years after the release “Exercitation of Imagination”, Kabbalien is back with a new album named “DaDa”.

An electronic musical fusion of breaks, beats and pieces, this album is composed of remixes from DaDa Project Music. During 2013 and 2015 Kabbalien has worked on a side project called DaDa Project Live, with these performances including visuals projections, installation decor and improvised electronic music.

During that time,  Kabbalien played live in some art exhibitions and alternative music festivals, creating cinematic and experimental music, improvising sounds and manipulating samples in real-time.

DaDa was a short-lived project and finished in 2015 but all the music was recorded from each performance for future reference…that time has now come…


Last year Kabbalien decided to take the tracks into the studio and give them a more dynamic sound, adding beats, effects, and so on, creating something different from the basic tracks recorded.

This result is a fusion of Kabbalien industrial beats and sounds with the cinematic electronic music of DaDa Project!

This fusion comes out as a big beat, breaks, sampling, noise, experimental and sometimes even satirical pieces of music! It would be hard to describe the release as one music genre as the tracks can differ from each other very much: Big Beat, Experimental, Bizarre and Cinematic Progressive, wrapped in beats and pieces…

That is Kabbalien music!



01. Join us

02. At the pain

03. And now…

04. Artificial Intelligence

05. Flash Colgate

06. Mood Man

07. My Dream

08. Explosive News

09. Will you Shut Up

10. Wrinkles

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