The Unique and Eccentric, Figaro de Montmartre Vow to Fight On Despite Lockdown!

Still reeling from 2018, with their eyes and ears incredulous at the feats they bore witness to, Cambridge’s historic Strawberry Fair’s audience is eagerly awaiting the comeback of Figaro de Montmartre. Seeing the duo appear on the Scarecrow Corner stage, replete with unique metal accessories – creations made from salvaged vehicle springs and other seemingly random artefacts which represent the weight of progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world, has inevitably lest a lasting effect.. This might sound fanciful but seriously, Figaro de Montmarte are not your standard beat combo.

Jungle, dub, drum’n bass, rock, breakbeat, trip hop… whatever people were expecting, it went waaay beyond! Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new aeon in electronic music, spreading their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage.

The Festival is cancelled due these truly surreal times but 2021 but, as they sort of say, the (bizarre) show must go on!

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