Does it Feel Warm in Here? Future Fires Usher in New Wave of Indie Rock

It does feel rather like the UK music scene has become bogged down with airbrushed singers and acoustic guitars, so four cheers for Future Fires, let loose from the cauldron of Birmingham’s indie rockmongers into a world getting increasingly desperate for some noise to match the melodies.

Taking their cue from some of the biggest indie Titans of the last couple of decades – The Amazons and Editors are the most obvious reference points, though the dour gloom of misery overlords, Joy Divison permeates through – Future Fires are not cuddly fireside types, rather the burning oil wells of the nuclear apocalypse. Hey, it still sounds romantic to us!

Their new single is Halfway Down, a track which almost falls over its shoelaces to get to the chorus and that reassuring feeling you get when you think you’ve heard a track already because even on first listen you’re joining in. The debut full-length release is some way off later in the year but this’ll certainly do us for now.








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