VCage Challenges the Last Taboo – Violence in Relationships Against Men

Quite rightly, over recent years, it has become far more common in society for people – particularly men – to discuss mental health issues. This impact of this societal change has both benefitted, on a huge basis, the understanding of how issues can affect the everyday lives of so many but also to act cathartically for the sufferer. In terms of musicians, this is particularly true, with their lifestyles often seeing them lead nomadic lives and few few they feel they can trust. By opening up, they can talk about issues through their songs and engage with audiences is an incredibly personal way.

However, one taboo remains under wraps. Statistics conservatively show 2.2 million men worldwide suffered physically during an abusive relationship during 2018-19. Only 1 in 4 men report violence or psychological harm against them to the appropriate authorities. An artist who can speak from personal experience is Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, VCage. His latest track, Slam Me, tells of an abusive relationship he found himself in, during which he struggled to reconcile himself with what was truly happening. Like many, he found it difficult to believe that it could be him being abused, indeed the lyrics of the track speak directly about this:

“You got me thinking it was my fault
And I keep begging for you to stop
But then I’m back to see your next move”

Originally from Mexico, Slam is an exciting introduction to VCage’s musical output, even if the inspiration comes from such a troubling source. Check out the video below for a perfect example of art conveying an important message:







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