The New Marc Bolan? The Rise of Beau Bowen

Of all the musical style to not get a fair crack of the whip in terms of a resurgence, glam rock can feel particularly hard done by. Perhaps the first (some would say ONLY) genre to be shunted from the chart by punk – punk’s actual targets, disco and prog carried on regardless – glam hasn’t enjoyed either an Indian summer nor a return cycle…until now

Beau Bowen looks the part, there’s no denying this. From cascading locks to elevated footwear to vacuum-bothering glitter, he’s every inch the rock star but the real excitement is when you hear his tracks. From tremulous Bowie/Bolan croon to florid guitar-work, it’s both a relic from the best and a great hope for the future, despite the knowingly arch self-deprecating of his forthcoming debut album – The Great Anticlimax.

The forthcoming title track has slivers of Muse’s histrionics but more humour and art – if you were told it was recorded in 1973, you’d have no reason to doubt this. WE can expect the full tinsel attack on 10th April but in the meantime, enjoy this snippet:

  1. The Great Anticlimax
  2. A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story
  3. Time is an Illusion Baby
  4. Comic Renaissance I
  5. Messianic Indulgence II
  6. Cosmic Renaissance II
  7. The Life I Chose for Myself
  8. Universe in Reverse
  9. Bisolar Disorder





Soundcloud for A Rock ‘N’ Roll Story:



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