Prancing Pony Entertain Herds of Goats!

These are strange times we live in but perhaps there is no clearer sign of this than the news that Catalan alterna-folk band, El Pony Pisador, are seeking audiences of animals to perform for, in lieu of humans.

El Pony Pisador (which translates as ‘ prancing pony’) have performed around the world to giddy audiences, their peculiar style of traditional folk and alternative songwriting finding fans way beyond their Barcelona base. Promotional images of them performing to a field of goats have, however, mushroomed into a more fully-developed plan to case aside the pesky human audiences and their coughs and sneezes and play for and about their furrier fans! Their current plea to fans is to send them drawings of animals, about whom they will never perform a specially-written track – genius!

Their latest album Matricular Una Galera, which was released at the end of last year. The musical styles featured include, traditional tunes from Ireland to Bulgaria, shanties, yodelling, Tuvan throat singing, bluegrass – to name but a few! Whether they’re playing the banjo on a unicycle for their Instagram fans, or cracking jokes and playing games with their audiences, the group is always ready to entertain. What might be deemed a boring, pretentious and old-fashioned folk show becomes a party for everyone!

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