Nightmare Electro Duo Sobranie 8 18 Go Biblical with Angels Fight

From Russia with (boxing) gloves? It nearly worked as a header but we decided against it. Formed in Russia in 2015, their sound has developed from lo-fi gothy explorations through to their current release, a no-holds barred spooky drift through moonlit forests with a misbehaving synthesiser. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Their new single is Angels Fight, a track which has the sinister buzz of San Franciscan pioneers Chrome and dash of Tubeway Army’s “Down in the Park”. The lyrics speak of “rage and power” and though there’s no doubting these are present, there’s also much subtler things at work – vocal effects you can’t quite put your finger on; industrial percussion; peculiar analogue recording techniques which send you away wondering from what decade you’ve just visited.

Taken from their forthcoming self-titled album to be released on 3rd February, the band themselves explain their motives:

We have been working on it for about 2-and-a-half years. Our composition principle was to make sure that each song was as distinctive as possible. This title is probably not even an ‘album’ in a generic sense but rather a collection of songs because every track is very different.

It was the first time we used live instruments. With the help of our friends we have recorded bass guitar, sax, flute, male and female choir trio, harmonica and piano, adding all this to the electronic sound made by Elektron Analog Four among other synths. We also used a recorder to capture some of the instruments, our homage to the low-fi sound and a way to say ‘goodbye’ to it.  We’ve been inspired by many things – music, movies, feelings, hometown atmosphere and intangible things one can just feel






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