Jessica Victoria to Release Folk’s Holy Grail

Originally venturing out into the musical world as a classical singer, Jessica Victoria has reinvented herself as a folk/singer-songwriter hybrid with a passion for Arthurian legend, a curveball of sorts considering she is based in New Mexico.

Using not only her own lyrics detailing the goings-on at the round table and the strong female characters who permeate the world of King Arthur, there are also words from the hand of Alfred Lord Tennyson; Stephen Lawhead and G.K.Chesterton, proof were it needed that this is no paddle in a medieval puddle but a full-on lance to the face.

This is the first album on which I’m following my passion for song-writing and mythic history. I am a classically-trained musician who still loves to do opera, orchestra and recital work, but this album is the beginning of a new life for me in many ways.

I wrote many of the songs at my harp, Merlin, which is a Merlin RHarp made by Rick Rubarth in Colorado. Some may wonder how a girl who grew up in Albuquerque developed such a love for Celtic culture and music. One answer may lie in our family’s roots. In the last few years, my research revealed the likelihood that some of my family came from Galicia, a part of Spain with Celtic links

The album in question is Songs from the Summer Realm, to be released in the spring. Before that, there will be three primers: “Love Charm” (released 31st January); “Some Songs are for Crying” (released 28th February) and “Wayfaring Stranger” (released 27th March). Keep your eye on the usual portals for first listens and more details.






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