The Return of The Broken Islands Offers Hope to the Rock World

We’ve already extolled the virtues of Canada’s The Broken Islands with their debut release, Wars, a thrillingly grand collection of sweeping post-rock indie odysseys, criminally ignored by the mainstream. So much the better in the long run as they have now returned, refuelled and with even more bite.

Their recent UK tour dates suggest a corner has been turned, with three dates at the redoubtable Troubadour in Earl’s Court proving the audience for them is out there, even if they’re slow on the uptake. Their forthcoming album, Masquerade, is a staggering work of extraordinary genius, as someone once coined on my behalf. Managing to be both elating and devastating, it is filling a void in music which is difficult to point to but is glaring when it isn’t there.

If you do nothing else but listen to opener, Solid State on repeat ten times, you will have an album to rival most released in the previous 12 months. With Carpenter-esque synth depth charges, crying guitars and the beautiful siren call vocals, it does remind one somewhat of the other Canadian troopers, Arcade Fire’s early work. At any one time it sounds like there might be thirty people in the band, yet there’s not an ounce of fat on the tracks, neither are they pompously self-indulgence.

Duty-bound as I probably am to give you a run-down of all the tracks, I’m frankly refusing as it would be immoral for me to let you explore the wonders within with too much hindsight. Well done all concerned. Masquerade by The Broken Islands is release in January 2020.





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