Legendary Producer Returns with Brain-Scrambling New Project

Nick Tauber, the man who produced Thin Lizzy at their pomp; Toyah at her most mental; Marillion at their most fantastical and Venom at their daftest has never really gone away but by the same token, he does seem to choose his projects carefully. His latest project, one which he proudly claims is the best since the aforementioned Thin Lizzy. They are Between Suns and, y’know what? He might be onto something.

Only two singles into their career and it feels a pointless exercise to try to explain to you what they sound like. There’s a guitar, if that helps. There’s a singer, if that gives you a better idea. Beyond that, it’s very much a case of reeling off a list of genres which would make you think I was either very indecisive or hedging my bets with a gun against my head. It’s easier is you make your own minds up:

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