Eighties Grooves Found Still Twitching in Brighton

It turns out that Margate wasn’t the new Brighton after all and that all can rest easy. It might not quite be the hotbed of musical stars it was a few years ago but there are still creatives at work on the South coast, indeed Milo accounts for several of them rolled into one. Now going under the name Only Total, Milo McNulty has already had coverage in some of the major music vessels of the nation in previous guises (notably Method Actress and Morning Smoke) but his current project is a strictly solo affair. Employing gloriously titanic 80s synths and popping bass, it’s equal parts indie and future disco, likely to hit you differently depending on which side of bed you woke up on.

Both my previous bands are special but song-writing has always been very insular for me and with each project I wanted to express that more and more, so I came to the point where I realised that it made more sense to have my own project. I guess where my own songs are involved, I’m not really a band person!

So, for the last 12 months, I’ve been writing and recording at my own pace. I’ve now got a collection of songs of which I’m really proud of, maybe I’ll do an EP or an album down the line, we’ll see. The plan for the moment is to release a slew of tunes over the next few months to get people aware of the Only Total name. I’ve got some great musicians who want to play in the band so by the end of the year we’ll be doing live shows and hopefully an album will be released early next year!”

New single, Pure Pain, has elements of early Pixies but the plastic glow of the New Order-esque Faith is the one which is lingering in our minds

Past Praise for Milo McNulty:

“Swooping, enveloping sound, with those lush guitar sounds reminiscent of early Wild Nothing or even Beach Fossils” – Clash

An expression of disorientation and dissatisfaction” – The Guardian

“…in the future we’ll see them accept the Academy Award for the best original song.” – Louder than War

“geniuses at creating gorgeous downtempo pop.” – Demur Magazine

About Only Total:

Returning under a brand-new name and powered entirely by himself, Only Total is Milo McNulty, the acclaimed talent behind previous projects Morning Smoke and Method Actress. Still based in Brighton and described as ‘if Prefab Sprout had been signed to Mute’.

Starting to learn guitar age 12, Milo moved to Brighton from Bath when he was 18 with friend and band member in Morning Smoke and Method Actress, Max Wright. In the first 6 months he’d written a half a dozen songs and had found a great rhythm section…Morning Smoke was born! Having had some good independent success with releases on various labels including Cannibal Hymns and Lolipop Records, the band toured the UK, making appearances at some high-profile shows including The Great Escape and a number of headline shows in London.

However, as Milo’s song writing developed, the songs didn’t fit Morning Smoke’s sound, so Milo formed Method Actress and more recently decided to go solo as Only Total.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onlytotal/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OnlyTotal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnlyTotal/



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