Mai Eve Prepare for the Big Heat

Dance music, for all its uses of modern technology, always veers towards predictability and a very short shelf-life. This serves a purpose but is throwaway for the listener and (presumably) somewhat unrewarding for the people making it. Step forward Mai Eve, a duo who are doing everything possible to turn these assertions into downright lies.

Using rock music as a structure and thereby immediately adding an extra layer or three, Mai Eve lean on the dark electro of the 80s for their influence, the kind of moody stuff Depeche Mode, Flock of Seagulls, OMD and Ultravox not only scored hits with but gave birth to countless artists since. Comprising Izabella and Rob, this world of shadows, smoke and sin is carried over into their visuals, the video to their first release being When You Scream, a tip of the hat to film noir. With Rob’s guitar marrying perfectly with the atmospheric sweeps of synth and Izabella’s soaring vocals, it’s the reworking the dance genre was desperately crying out for.

Working with producer Andy Whitmore at Greystoke Studios in London, alongside Rob and Izabella ‘When You Scream’ is an upbeat dance track with a dark subject matter, with the lyrics telling the story of an abused woman from the victim’s perspective. Thought-provoking, sad yet somehow still uplifting, Mai Eve’s debut EP, Silverscreen, will be available just in time to be an antidote to radio familiarity.

‘Silverscreen’ includes: ‘When You Scream’, ‘Love Is All Around’, ‘I Will love You’, and ‘Tell Me’






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