The United State of JAMERICAN

JAMERICAN is no shrinking violet. Combining dance-hall, reggae and hip-hop, his latest release is “Step in a the Club (WILD NIGHT)”, an in-your-face klaxon kicking off a glimpse at Miami’s nightlife. Based on JAMERICAN’s own experience of watching a world-famous rapper in a club’s VIP room (we can guess)being fawned upon by groupies even though he looked like he’d just stepped out in his old trackie bottoms and an unwashed t-shirt. This is not JAMERICAN’s way – whatever the event and whoever is going to be there, you will always be treated to the full JAMERICAN experience – no compromises, no alternatives. He’s a bit full-on.

JAMERICAN was born in Franklyn Town in Kingston, Jamaica, to a single 17-year old mother who introduced him to the arts at an early age as a way to keep him out of trouble on the harsh streets of Kingston. On a visit to the States to see his grandmother in Louisville KY, by chance, luck or faith, JAMERICAN auditioned for the Youth Performing Arts High School (YPAS) where he was accepted on the spot, alongside his friend, Scherzy…better known now to the world as Nicole Scherzinger. No gossip has been obtained by us as yet.

From there, JAMERICAN was granted a full talent scholarship to Wright State University where he spent 2 years before transferring to The California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS) on another full talent scholarship. A move to Miami and exposure to its dirty South Trap Rap scene inspired him to combine this with his theatre training and his upbringing surrounded by reggae and dancehall music to bring both together in a style which is uniquely his own.

Now based in Los Angeles, JAMERICAN has opened shows for artists like Beenie Man and Elephant Man and is flying the musical flag for both Jamaica and America, just as his name suggests. “Step in a the Club (WILD NIGHT)” is the perfect way to get yourself in the zone before a night on the town. The brilliant thing about JAMERICAN is the complete lack of an volume button, either visually or sonically. It’s impossible not to admire his self-confidence and posturing. Great fun.







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