Iranian Rap Supremo, Tohi, Goes Global

In the musical equivalent of swimming with sharks and forgetting you’ve left the cage door open, Iranian singer Tohi is gearing up to release OUT THE BOX, the single which is expected to take him from musical renegade to worldwide star.

Born in Tehran, he was one of pioneers of rap music in Iran, a form of music which you’d be correct in thinking was more than a little frowned upon. Performing and sharing their love of music in absolute secrecy, the threat to his well-being was such that Tohi moved to Dubai, from where his songwriting and performing was embraced, leading to a number of hit singles in the country. From there to London, from where he wrote his forthcoming single, and now…perhaps inevitably, Los Angeles, Tohi is if not else, utterly relentless in his quest for world dominance. With a mooted blockbuster video, featuring violin celeb du jour, Ezinma (Clean Bandit; Beyonce etc), his unlikely journey looks ever-nearer its destination







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