MORTEN LAVA Release Nordic Indie Pop Track ‘Colour Me’

Releasing his new single ‘Colour Me’ officially on March 8thMorten Lava takes a departure from the acoustic folk-rock roots of his debut EP and explores the use of soft synths and samples in an indie-pop environment whilst still evoking his trademark folky, alternative feel. The single is accompanied by a music video shot in the beautiful woods of Sweden, emphasizing the themes of misperception and individuality through bold colours and scenic nature.

Hailing from Denmark and rooted in the Nordic, folk-infused sounds of his home country, Morten’s music creates an ethereal soundscape in which he weaves conceptual stories, exploring elements of indie, alternative and pop.

Inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Beck and Joni Mitchell, Morten crafted his sound further when he relocated to London in 2017, bringing out an acoustic, indie-folk flavor in his lyrics about life and progress. This culminated in the release of his debut EP ‘In A Daydream’ on June 6, 2018, a showcase of the 22-year-old’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Through 5 playful tracks Morten dives into the concept of daydreaming as an escape from the struggles of real life through raw vocals, emotionally gripping songwriting and an epic atmosphere.




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