You Go Suavier – Manchester’s Suave Martyrs Bring Back Baggy

Suave Martyrs have recently supported Alan McGee’s latest great hopes, Alias Kid at Manchester’s super-cool Deaf Institute. The sold-out gig signaled the launch of their latest single, Man About Town, a heady throwback to the baggy scene of the 90s, with a heavy Stone Roses influence to the fore. Oddly, despite sounding so in keeping with the Manchester sound of yore, half the band are from Leeds, though there is far less in the way of fellow Loiners Wedding Present and Sisters of Mercy (rightly or wrongly, up to you!)

The oodles of wah-wah and that immediately evocative, slightly sighing, vocal style is joyously trippy and unpretentious, a welcome antidote to the woe-is-me crowd. Covering the lofty subject matter of a drunken night out in Bury, Man About Town is your starting pistol to dig out your flares.








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