PachYa Launches Last Minute Bid to Halt Brexit by the Power of Eurovision!

It’s difficult to imagine that despite the carnage that the UK’s attempts to leave the European Union have already wrought, there might actually be sympathy from the continent, but apparently it’s true.

Polish singer, PachYa, spent a decade in England before meeting her current partner on the German border one New Year’s eve, in a symphony of improbable coincidences. Using his production skills and her background in music and dance, they have already recorded a stream of upbeat numbers but it’s their track, Rebuild this Land, which is beginning to attract attention.

Rebuild this Land is a track which reflects on the time spent within the UK and the changing perception of some people to communities from across the globe living alongside them. Once the referendum had taken place in the UK, PachYa immediately sensed a change in the area she was living, even amongst those whom she considered friends.

For PachYa, Eurovision is not a competition – it’s a stage for people from across many nations to come together, united by music. Sung in Italian, Polish and English Language, it reinforces the need to rebuild bridges and to concentrate on what binds us together as people, not what divides us. It’s as Eurovision a track as you could imagine, evoking images of expensive sets, light shows and lighters being held aloft. Now all they need is Poland to accept it as their chosen anthem. C’mon, Poland, do the right thing.






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