Diya – Taking Pop Back to its Old Values

Technology might well trundle remorselessly on its own merry path, irregardless as to whether anyone is interested, but ultimately, as Diya is keen to point out, music will always be the ultimate winner in what lasts the course of time. So, ignore the flashy photos (actually, do check the flashy photos out!), this is all about communicating through good old fashioned pop music – in this case, uber-stylish dream-pop.

Born in the Ukraine, where better to help hone your craft than Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts?! The world of trapeze has been denied Diya’s talents and having played alongside seasoned musicians of all genres, has developed a musical style which touches on traditional pop as well as knowing nods to washes of synth ooziness. Now based in, of all places, the UAE, her single, Love, Love (so good they named it twice) should be enough to convince you.



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