Roxy Jules, Denmark’s Answer to PJ Harvey, Releases Fourth Opus

Four albums into her career and Roxy Jules is still remaining steadfastly uncompromising. As with the most obvious influences on her sound, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, there’s a real tone of the underbelly of society, with washes of electronic hail, thudding bass lines and Roxy’s deliberate, choked vocals.

Julie Runa’s (aka Roxy Jules) makes music which is paradoxically towering and menacing, yet also at an imminent state of collapse. If all Hell hasn’t already broken loose, it’s just about to.

The lyrics are of major importance in the Roxy Jules universe, and on ‘ROXY JULES IV’ moving between fictional situations and Julie’s own life and thoughts – a life filled with contrasts: one day she dreams of more peace and the next day chases wildness and chaos in a rest of restlessness. A great fascination for science also reflects on the album, which also deals with everything from interplanetary dust particles, black holes and bones that break into mathematical straight lines that continue into eternity.

The noise has followed ROXY JULES ever since the early teenage years where she grew up in the northernmost part of Denmark, and became acquainted with bands like PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and so on. Bands that always has been a great source of inspiration, which is definitely reflected on her music

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