B.Green Sets Sail with New Single

Rapper, guitarist, lyricist and gentleman cosmonaut B Green hails from Atlanta but his music and lyrics spread far beyond. Alternative hip-hop MC Green’s name symbolises youth, hope, and most of all growth and in B Green’s case, this is certainly true, with his approach to music being both playful and hard-hitting, getting his message across to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Growing up in Oklahoma City, Bryson was the embodiment of the blended cultures and backgrounds that surrounded him. Bryson’s artistry took on the form of his past influences, from his poetry to his love of the guitar. “Christopher Columbus” sees him in imperious form, with its rolling beats dragging you kicking and screaming behind Green’s effortless rhymes.

The single “Christopher Columbus” is the first release and a long-anticipated album release and although he knows it won’t be an easy journey, he welcomes the criticism,

“If people don’t have an opinion, they don’t know you exist.”

“This song was inspired by every nation that has ever been colonised and every hero whose statue was unjustly erected on the right side of history. This song is about thinking AND dancing. This song is about rhythm AND blues. This song is about the truth. This song is my opus to Hip Hop, a genre that has become more about gimmicks than gifts. This song is my rosebush in the valley of thorns. I’ve lived in Atlanta for ten years; it took me a decade to write this song. This song was written out of desperation to be catchy but to not lose my cause. I always write for a reason, and I always want that reason to be apparent. Christopher Columbus is a song for the club and the car, a song for heading to work and working out. Old or young, white or black, everybody should be able to attach to some part of this song”

Eventually everything goes through change and growth happens. Eventually it all turns Green. #GoGreen

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bgreengogreen/christopher-colombus-1/s-Fc57k (explicit)

                      https://soundcloud.com/bgreengogreen/christopher-columbus-clean/s-ImeX7 (radio edit)

Spotify:         https://open.spotify.com/artist/1250g52u11urhttCJRS6y1

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/BGreenGoGreen/

Twitter:        https://twitter.com/BGreenGoGreen

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/stories/bgreengogreen/

Website:      https://brysongreen.com/

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