Beware the Beats Within! Woolfman and JStew Release Unlikely Collaboration

Dave “Wolfman” Woolfson was at the forefront of the non-cooler post-punk movement as bass-player for Gang of Four before getting his marching orders for, depending on which story you prefer “meditating during soundchecks” or “playing too many notes and not stopping when asked”. Continuing to work both in front and behind the studio glass up to the present day, his latest track sees him as plain “Woolfman”, teaming up with the new kid on the block, JStew, the combination being an irresistible blend of 90’s house; David McAlmont operatics and stately theatrics – quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard and all the better for it!

Already receiving the blessing of dance sage David Guetta, Listen to the Beat sees the debut of JStew, whose roots in gospel and free-spirited outlook turn what could so easily have been a hum-drum dance track into something which strides over any convenient genre description and sounds like it came from both the past and the future at the same time. The Mr E Club Mix is a real letdown and tramples all over everything great about the original – best avoided. However unlikely, Listen to the Beat is a triumph.






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