The Mouse Outfit’s New Album Sees Them Become Hip-Hop Royalty

After two albums where they have never less than threatened menacingly to become globally enormous, Manchester hip-hop collective The Mouse Outfit‘s latest release looks to have succeeded. Jagged Tooth Crook takes founders Chini and Defty’s cultured beats and drags in collaborators from hugely varied fields, perhaps most notably Sam Vicary, whose experience as part of The Cinematic Orchestra makes perfect sense on an album which has broadened to a much wider musical landscape, taking in jazz, soul and far from twisted synth lines than previous efforts. With the spacier depths of Tribe Called Quest, The Herbaliser and Jurassic 5 plundered to combine with the band’s own diamond-tipped scalpel strokes of genius, it’s not always the most uplifting listen on a track-by-track basis but it’s utterly immersive and often profound. A must-listen.

01. Pass Me The Ashtray Ft. Iamddb
02. Cut Em Loose Ft. Berry Blacc, Kinkai & Layfullstop
03. Repeat Ft. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade
04. Feeling High Ft. Iamddb & Kinkai
05. Money Ft. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & T-Man
06. I Wonder Ft. Iamddb & Fox
07. Won’t Lie Down Ft. Berry Blacc & Dubbul O
08. Bring Me Down Ft. Ellis Meade
09. Mama Ft. Berry Blacc & T-Man
10. Jagged Tooth Crook Ft. Kinkai
11. Trigger The Wave Ft. Ellis Meade & Dubbul O
12. My Mission Ft. Iamddb & Kinkai
13. Beats All Day Ft. Ellis Meade
14. Flex With Ya Ft. Kinkai
15. It’s Just Like That Ft. Black Josh & Truemendous
16. Revolution Ft. Ellis Meade & Dr Syntax
17. Late Night Doors Ft. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & Ellis Meade

Formed by Chini and Defty in South Manchester, The Mouse Outfit cut their teeth as a live band for a hop-hop open mic night called In The Loop. It was at these events that the connections were formed to create 2013’s debut album Escape Music. A verified UK hip-hop  classic, this album gained The Mouse Outfit a reputation for nurturing local talent and bringing them to the attention of a wider audience. Tried and tested on the festival circuit, and highly respected as the UK’s premiere live hip-hop band, their growing reputation caught the attention of the BBC, who have consistently promoted their music and invited them to two sessions at Maida Vale and one at Salford’s Media City for Mary Anne Hobbes.
Their second album ‘Step Steadier’ (2015) cemented their stature, making the top ten of ABC News’ albums of the year whilst on their ‘Remixed’ album (2016) they collaborated with internationally acclaimed producers, including Dub Phizix, Tall Black Guy and DJ Vadim. These kind of accolades helped the band reach an international audience which has allowed them to tour in over 14 countries across Europe and Asia over the last three years.

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