Deplicant’s Robotic Journey Through Sound Lifts Off With 14/40

Influenced by the neon jungles of films like Blade Runner and the dystopian alienation of Cyber Punk, Deplicant sets out to transport the listener to the furthest edges of the musical universe with passing nods to techno and dark ambient sounds but with far more in his arsenal to comfortably pigeonhole. Grasping the torch lit by other IDM pioneers, Deplicant’s debut track offers a kaleidoscopic vision of our past, present and future.

Working under the name Deplicant, Danny Agoston was brought up in Hungary, though is now based in Sweden after a prolonged detour via Barcelona, a journey which goes some way to understanding the diverse and unconventional music he creates. Though initially setting out to create a more easily definable techno/progressive house sound, he found the attempts to ‘fit in with the crowd’ were completely crushing the ideas he wanted to project, resulting in a re-think and a change of direction. Musically influenced by electro-futurists from Jean-Michel Jarre to Vangelis to Justice and Jon Hopkins, Deplicant uses minimal equipment to produce layers upon layers of atmospheric tone, meaning the eventually drop is almost as devastating as it is uplifting.

Reinforcing the ambiguity between the role of machines and humans in the modern world, Deplicant’s debut is stellar stuff in all senses of the word, moving through dance, electro, soundtracks and video games to brand new horizons.




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