Tryzdin Comes of Age with Staggering Vocal Performance

Throw all your preconceptions out of the window, set them on fire and bury the ashes in a distant forest. This is one of the best vocal performances you’ll hear all year and yet, the singer is only 13. Now, we”d be the first to recoil at youngsters standing on stage and performing but this really is the ultimate exception to the rule. With a delivery which is so completely confident that it puts artists many years his senior to shame, he again fronts UK-based alt pop band Saint Mars, reworking their existing track Ocean Blues into a mini pop masterpiece.

Not for Tryzdin the vocal histrionics of so many pop artists, acrobatically navigating scales and octaves with scant regard for the actual enjoyment of the listener. This is a performance of real power and profundity, conveying real atmosphere and emotion. As with previous release, Somewhere, Somebody, the lyrics and video deal with the lasting mark made by bullying, with the video showing that having the strength to overcome this can lead to better things.







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