Pat and the Pro’s Release Desert Island Disc

Perhaps already the winner of this year’s search for “music from furthest-flung clime”, this debut release by Pat and the Pro’s (we don’t know why the apostrophe is there, I’m sure there’s a good reason) comes all the way from Réunion Island, a distant paradise off the cost of Mozambique. Though the expectation might be that Pat and the Pro’s are playing music which has the flavour of the exotic to it, in actual fact, the sound is pretty much the last thing you’d prepared yourself for.

Entitled – wait for it – Hey Ooo I A O, Pat (or Patrice Pouzet to his bank manager) has a deep Jim Morrison croon which casts its shadow over something somewhere between early 80’s power synth bands and 70’s prog. With lyrics which are deliberately absurd so as to stick in your head for days on end, it’s a fascinating glimpse into what it must be like to live in an area which could scarcely be more remote – in your head you imagine him listening to distant transistor radio transmissions, eagerly soaking up these strange, alien sounds. We might be romancing it all somewhat but we can pretend.







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